SBPS organizies exhibition everry year, where the students presents various models. Sometimes, the students even present them. Astronomy, geography or math exhibits according to the things that they have learn in their classes. It is important for the faculties to support the students in presenting something that they have learned in the most beautiful manner. There are certain benefits of organizing such exhibitions in schools. Students get a platform to show what they have learned and what they are good at, as well.

In an exhibition, students get a chance to apply or do the practical aspect of the things that they have learned from the classroom. These are real opportunities for the kids to easily implement the things that they have learn from schools.For preparing science exhibits, astronomy, math and geography exhibits, kids need to make the best use of their creativity. It is not enough to just tell or write what they know, but  it is essential for the kids to present what they know in the best possible way.

During exhibitions, the students need to explain about what they are presenting. This is [speak exhibit]  really a great chance for the kids to speak well. In most cases, the students need to explain to the faculties, their fellow students, judges and may also need to explain to people who come from outside to see the exhibition. This can help in boosting in their skills in speaking and thus their confidence. There are chances for them to get that well.